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Use our attached training program WissenPlus with first-class soft-skill training, counseling and coaching, from study to the first year of work. Who supports studying abroad and under what conditions? One of the key topics when studying abroad is always the funding. Tip: Educational funds and student loans are a good choice for studying abroad. It is not always easy to finance a study abroad.

Educational Loan, Education Fund and Student Loan

Educational Loan, Education Fund and Student Loan

The education loan of the federal government, the education fund and the study credit of the federal government make possible, in addition to the foreign scholarship for the financing of a semester abroad or a complete study abroad (Bachelor or Master) further financing options. Eligible programs, the possible loan amounts, the interest rate, the maximum duration and the start of repayment are just a few of the criteria that must be taken into account when choosing the appropriate financing method for your stay abroad.

Anyone who finances a study abroad while studying should familiarize themselves with the federal education loan in cooperation with Kreditinstitut für Wiederaufbau. The state loan is a great way to refinance your studies abroad with a loan of up to 7,200 USD – of which 3,600 USD can be paid out immediately – and favorable interest rates.

Another advantage: The federal education loan can be combined with other financing options, so that a simultaneous use of the education loan abroad is possible. Further information on the Federal Government Education Loan can be found on the website of the Federal Office of Administration. Those who use the funds from an educational fund can co-finance a semester at home or abroad or a complete study program (Bachelor or Master).

Educational support works completely independent of the bank and is considered to be socially acceptable, since the funding is decoupled from the income situation of the student or his family. Return on repayment by the Education Fund will take place after the beginning of a career, in the form of a percentage of gross income prior to the first distribution over a predefined period.

More information about the training funds can be found on the website of the foundation.

More information about the training funds can be found on the website of the foundation.

Alternatively, the Foundation for German Education also offers study support through an education fund. In order to finance the study, especially a stay abroad, credit institutions, savings banks, and Vibank and Risinbank should be informed about the possibilities of financing in addition to the above-mentioned providers.

In connection with the increasing student mobility, which shows an increasing interest in studying in everyday study countries, the credit institutions in the Federal Republic of Germany have voted on their potential clientele. This results in a now diversified spectrum of student loans, which differ significantly in terms of their contractual conditions.

When selecting a suitable student loan, however, the respective stay abroad (semester abroad or completed studies abroad) is of particular importance. In doing so it is necessary to review the many proposals, in particular as regards the possible amount and duration of the subsidy, the repayment modalities and the interest payments to be paid.

On you will find a first impression of the possibilities of financing a study abroad. If you would like to know more about the possibilities of financing through a private student loan, please use the contact form below.

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