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Such a loan was granted by Astro Bank last year, said Peter Bosek, Managing Director of Private Banking at Astro Bank, on Wednesday to journalists. They provide manageable loans and are relatively generous in the repayment. Nobody is under pressure, especially since the student loans can be optimally tailored to the personal situation. The bank has a variable interest rate, which it has to inform twice a year. To apply for a student loan in Austria, the student must be enrolled at an Austi university or university and have Austi citizenship.

Astro Bank wants to turn students into shares

Astro Bank wants to turn students into shares

They finance higher education and receive between five and twelve percentage points of higher wages. Student loans are more of a challenge for us than in Germany. Such a loan was granted by Astro Bank last year, said Astro Bank Managing Director for Private Clients. Bosch on Tuesday before the press. Those who can not afford to finance their studies with their own children prefer to work in this country instead of owe their education.

However, studying at a well-known foreign university with a tuition fee of generally USD 30,000 per year is hardly possible in this way – even if the necessary competencies are available. Astro Bank now has another attractive training offer for these students: they can involve the bank in their further education.

The student becomes a part of the success of the bank. In particular, a subsidiary of Astro Bank will pay the full study and subsistence costs up to USD 1000 per calendar month (totaling up to USD 28,000).

For this, the bank gets up to ten years after graduation between five and twelve of the gross wage.

Student loans & study grants in Austria

Student loans & study grants in Austria

When studying, money plays a much greater role than most first-year students. It is therefore all the more important for students to secure their economic viability. Here we have compiled extensive information for you, especially on the topics of study scholarships and student loans. There is a so-called Study Scholarship in Austria, the aim of which is to support students.

In principle, every student in Austria should check whether he is entitled to the aid and whether the specific conditions are fulfilled. Social situation: Study scholarships are only awarded to those who really need them. Study situation: Especially age is an important criterion, ideally the applicants are not yet 30 years young. In particular, this topic is complex, especially as it always comes back to changes in the search criteria.

Scope of funding: The scholarship is paid in monthly installments. Pupils with children receive an additional USD 112 per year. Regrettably, the whole thing with numerous rules, exceptions and other peculiarities quite expensive. Whether they are entitled to the support and how high it is in their case, both students and prospective students can verify.

With a convincing result then only the application must be made. The one who has opted for this kind of funding for the study can gain great freedom and focus entirely on his learning. In addition, the financial risk is not so great. No one is under pressure to move, especially since the student loans are based on the personal life situation.

As a rule, after starting work, there is enough capital available for a quick repayment of the loan. In addition, very favorable interest rates are set, which are generally much cheaper than conventional installment loans, if they are real student loans. Incidentally, classic student loans are never paid in one single amount.

In general, the study loan of the Austi bank promises a high degree of adaptability, ie students get exactly the funds they need. Sparbanken banks rely on the classic student loan, which means that special proof must be provided, but maximum flexibility is offered. Bank Austria uses a somewhat more complicated credit system.

Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to receive an individual offer for financing. In general, small loans are more likely to be granted. Raiffeisen banks also offer financing for students. Many people – not just students – are not sufficiently concerned with the issue of money. This makes it possible to increase one’s own life situation and thus the quality of life.

For students in particular, this usually means that they have less work and can focus more on their academic achievements. Above all, the loan amount is a very important criterion. If the loan is too small, financial problems can soon come up that will certainly affect grades and other academic achievements.

That’s not bad, because the whole budget does not have to be spent. Almost all loans shown make it possible to make special payments to speed up the repayment. How and where to earn extra income, some students wonder. But you do not have to deal with it, because in the course of your studies you often have the opportunity to switch to other and at the same time cheaper apartments.

Most students go outside regularly or eat expensive ready meals. Therefore, all students can only be recommended to improve their financial resources. In this way, it is easy to check on the Internet if providers can be found, whose financial solutions are cheaper and thus make nice savings. Because experience shows that the more resources available, the higher the cost of living.

Even students fall into these traps again and again or they can not withstand the temptations of daily life. Anyone who writes down every little point for a whole day will soon find out where much and usually unnecessarily spend. As a result, it is important to be consistent and to purposefully reduce those expenses.

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